Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Standing Rock Christmas Greetings


In a Time of

Yo far-flung readers,

I wrote a descriptive Christmas card for friends and family, and will now tweak it a bit to share with cyber-community.

A friend is just back from Standing Rock, North Dakota where the daytime temperature was -2 F (-19 C) in blizzard conditions. 

Taos Pueblo...

and locals have been raising money and foodstuffs for the Dakota Sioux and water protectors, peacefully protesting an oil pipeline across sacred ground.

N. Dakota is already producing oil-spill elsewhere. People do notice, and the Sioux and allies have finally drawn an effective line (in the snow.)

Truckloads of food, blankets, warm clothes, water jugs, etc. are being hauled north to help. 

We are not geographically close but people have the 4-wheel drive vehicles and know-how to hazard wintertime mountain conditions. Lord have mercy.
Brown Buffalo Calf Woman: She believed the time had come for people to stand up and protect the water.

It's snowing here, fine powder beloved of the ski valleys. Am just back from town and driving home, could not see the mountains for snow cloud way down into the valleys, like dense engulfing fog.

I've brought in more armloads of firewood to the sunroom stack as first chore on reaching home. Arctic cold conditions are headed this way.

Bless the do-ers, the trail-blazers. Standing Rock casts the whining of this country in a bleak light, but might mentor real change. 


And there is so much good-heartedness round about. Unreported, at that!

Despite a haunting and gloomy sky... red beeswax candles in the Advent wreath... blazing fire in the woodstove... am sending warm greetings from a Christmas-card setting.

Merry Christmas and Feast of Light to us all in the dark of the year, across the miles, kilometers and seas.

  Storyteller at Christmas:

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Guy Fawkes Day 2016, Update 6 Nov.

Remember, Remember
the Fifth 
of November

Bonfires and fireworks and high-fives to freedom, on this day the British Commonwealth remembers a 1605 attempt to blow up the Parliament building.

A tempting thought this side of the pond--overdue house-cleaning on Capitol Hill! This US election may shift priorities peaceably.

What if "white-hats" blew up American corruption? 

How?... By exposing deleted emails, by refusing to tolerate further abuses of power, abuses egregious.

Have you met the brave man, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who has declared a soft intell-coup against grotesque malefactors?  4 vivid minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ov5kvWSz5LM

I read that he first sent his family out of immediate harm's way to another country, before speaking for an alliance of white-hats, alerting us to peaceful dissent, and a Second American Revolution.

Update 6 Nov. 2016:

Now bear in mind, those who've tried to  inconvenience a certain political crime-family have met untimely ends. Dozens and dozens of suspicious deaths, and even coroners bought off to rule a mafia type hit, as a suicide.  

Remember, remember: Incitements to urban violence, bonfires in the streets, serve those desperate for further power-grab and martial law

Let us not feed the globalist beast as it thrashes about for justification. 

Last night rains fell softly after a long dry spell and a golden autumn. Another sort of freedom shone in the pre-dawn hours

A kindred spirit friend was finally released from unspeakable pain and Hospice. Those who've cared for her through long vigil imagine her in the gardens still and mercifully freed from suffering.

It is a thrillingly good time to be alive, or to pass on.

The iconic Taos photographer, Welshman Geraint Smith, did the cover photo of my first Wayfaring Traveler book. He is out in all weathers reminding us of deep roots.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Love of Color & Forbidden Black Rice

Jack Boots 

Much as I had resisted, fought, and bellowed against regimentation through secondary school in Germania, I ended up jack-booting my own creativity. 

Shocked the heck out of me. I'd become what I had loathed.

I came back mono-chromatic, and in art school, reached for charcoal or brown oil pastels, not exuberant splashes of color. 

My heart had grown drab. Line me up gray, with the lead toy soldiers. 

I planted flowers as though assembling them for martial inspection and got stressed at any deviation from color uniformity!

A summer school in Mexico sent me hurtling out of my internal catacombs. 

I stepped off the plane to hundred degree heat and drenching humidity, but also to bright parrots in palm trees, ravishing scent of tuberoses, and totally improbable cascades of Bougainvillea. 


Just a wild abandon of hot tropical "clashing" colors. My armored heart quaked at such chaotic beauty, an on-the-spot healing.

Am remembering my gratitude to the Latin world. l look out on scarlet and gold nasturtiums awhir with hummingbirds...


...magenta and orange geraniums, crimson and salmon roses, fuchsia cosmos, purple butterfly bush and Heavenly Blue morning glories. Color healing in the raw.

All this while munching down a simple high-nutrient meal of vitamins made in one's own kitchen. From forbidden food!

In Imperial China, a purple-black rice was reserved for the Imperial family. It's an heirloom rice rich in the purplish antioxidants of blueberries and acai, without the sugar.

Can't thank Mao for the devastations of the so-called Cultural Revolution and the subsequent ravishment of Tibet---but you, I and proletariat can now enjoy "Forbidden Black Rice."

In the US, it's sourced by LotusFoods
Forbidden Black Rice - The Emperor's Exclusive Grain 


It's already extraordinarily endowed with nutrients, but let's increase them! This easy-breezy sprouting technique can be used with Bhutanese red and short grain brown rices as well:

1 c. Forbidden Black Rice
1 stainless mesh colander
Slightly larger diameter pottery bowl 

24 hours before intended meal, set rice in colander in the bowl. Run water over it to rinse the rice of harvest dust. Swish it up and down in the water a couple times. Drain water from bowl. Pat bottom of colander to release excess water.

Cover rice in colander in bowl with a folded dish towel and set in a warm place. In twelve hours or so, rinse again. Here are two variations on the theme, evening meal or breakfast:

Evening meal:
1 bay leaf
5 whole cloves
5 whole black pepper corns 
Himalayan salt to taste
Handful of frozen or freeze-dried peas

Bring 1 3/4 c. liquid, spices and peas to boil in a heavy pot, using either filtered water or veggie stock or bone broth. Add sprouted rice.

Simmer covered for ~35 min.; fluff with a fork and then let sit for a few. YUM.

For Breakfast: 
1 tsp. peeled whole cardamon seed
1/2 stick cinnamon
5 whole cloves
1 Tbs coconut oil or grass-fed butter
1/2 c. chopped apple 
1/4 c. currants or raisins
1/2 c. walnuts
1 3/4 liquid: filtered water, or milk or coconut milk

Simmer rice and goodies covered for ~35 min. Serve with a dollop of yoghurt or splash of almond milk.

To conclude, the above are kitchen improv's, not recipe absolutes. Have written them down with a nod to a dear aunt/kitchen wizardess, who keeps her recipes in a three-ring binder.

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